• cei

    CEI’s mission is to improve the quality of teaching and learning through pedagogical development for faculty, lecturers, postdoctoral fellows, and teaching assistants, to promote the use of evidence-based teaching techniques, including the use of instructional technology and to foster campuswide conversation about enhancing student learning through innovative teaching.

  • cid

    —The Center for Instructional Design (CID) provides support for the development of pedagogically effective online and hybrid courses.

  • UCI Media includes all forms of video and media production from broadcast television, promotional/marketing videos and training materials to live event production, live webcasting and green screen filming. We can help and consult on all aspects of the production process from initial concept and pre-production through to final edited high impact video delivered directly from your website.

  • tlrc

    The Teaching and Learning Research Center (TLRC) provides centralized support for research efforts in teaching and learning, particularly collaborative, large scale, cross-discipline and longitudinal research projects, coordination of cross-campus and cross-unit data collection, and more...