Open Classroom Week 2016

The Office of the Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce a new annual event: Open Classroom Week.  We often get to observe and learn from the research work of colleagues through publications, conference presentations, and departmental talks.  Open Classroom Week is an opportunity to similarly observe and learn from the teaching practices of faculty from across the campus.

Open Classroom Week 2016 will be the week of May 2nd through May 6th.  The following link contains the instructors who have indicated their willingness to have colleagues visit their course(s).

Open Classroom Week SPRING 2016

To observe a class, simply show up at the appropriate time and location as indicated on the list.  If the room is overly full, we ask that you please give seating priority to the students.  We encourage you to introduce yourself to the instructor you are visiting before or after the lecture to let them know you took advantage of their generous offer to open their course.

Note: In the notes section on the above list, instructors have indicated particular content or instructional approaches that will be utilized in their course. If you are considering a modification to your instructional strategy or just interested in seeing a different style, the notes section is a great way to identify courses to visit.

Thanks in advance for your participation in UCI Open Classroom Week 2016!