The New Teaching and Learning Research Center Supports UCI Faculty

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning is excited to announce the newest unit within the Division of Teaching and Learning (DTL). If you are a faculty member who applies for grants on higher education research (like NSF IUSE or HHMI) or would like to learn more about research in this area, the TLRC should be on your radar. If you are a faculty member who needs help with an education plan for a research grant (like NSF CAREER), the Center will help you write an effective and engaging section.  

Professor Mark Warschauer, a major international scholar on technology and learning, will serve as faculty director of the center. Warschauer–formerly the Associate Dean and Interim Dean of the UCI School of Education–currently has $7 million in grants on teaching and learning, including two large National Science Foundation grants for studying educational innovations among UCI classes. “The TLRC builds on more than a decade of leading research at UCI on higher education instructional practices and outcomes,” said Warschauer. “The new center will help amplify the campus’s national and international leadership in evidence-based assessment of how college students best learn.”

Interim Associate Director Dr. Adrienne Williams is organizing the first cross-campus and cross-unit data collections and will assist with grant preparation at the Center. She was the Co-Director of the HHMI-UCI Professor Program with Vice Provost Diane O’Dowd, and has nine years of experience in biology education research. She is the main contact person for the Center – email her for an initial interview at

Adrienne Williams says, “There are a growing number of faculty on campus who regularly conduct research on teaching effectiveness at UCI. They are analyzing active learning, scientific literacy in general ed courses, student confidence in the sciences, and technology use in teaching. The Teaching and Learning Research Center is designed to support this work. We want to also make it possible for all faculty to teach scientifically – to measure what type of teaching is actually most effective for their courses and for student success at UCI.”

Warschauer and Williams will be assisted by Kameryn Denaro, an Assessment Specialist who recently received her Ph.D. in Computational Science with an emphasis in Statistical Computing from Claremont Graduate School. Kameryn is an expert in the statistical computing language R, and is already working on projects for Physical Sciences and Student Support Services.

“The TLRC will be a cornerstone of the Division of Teaching and Learning,” said Michael Dennin, Vice Provost of the Division. “It will help bridge two of the most important missions of the university: carrying out groundbreaking research and continually improving our instruction of undergraduate and graduate students.”

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